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One of the best parts about starting a bullet journal is entering the wonderful creative community of bullet journalists. There are about a million ways to use bullet journals and luckily for you there are hundreds of facebook groups that can you show you how. From general groups where users support, share and inspire each other to more specific groups. There will be a facebook group for bullet journaling that is for you.

This list is not exhaustive by all means and will be routinely updated. If you are a group admin and would like to have your group added to this list please contact us we’ll be happy to add you to the list.

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First Steps with BuJo

Bullet Journal Beginners

A group of over 2,000 people dedicated to bullet journalling and everything that comes with it. Despite the name you don’t have to be a beginner to join but the group would like you to help others taking their first steps on their bullet journal journey.

Bujo (Bullet Journal) Beginners

Another beginners group with a slightly larger following of 8,000 members. A place where beginners can ask questions and more advanced journalists can share their experience.

Bullet Journal Newbies

13,000 members of both advanced journalists and newbies where advice can be shared about everything to do with bullet journals.


Bullet Journal Junkies

A group of over 131,000 members (woah!) all passionate about bullet journaling. This is the biggest group for bullet journalists so is a great place to get an idea of how big the community is and how diverse our bullet journals are.

Bullet Journal Society

A group of over 12,000 bullet journalists who plan using Ryder Carroll’s bullet journal system.

Boho Berry Tribe

With over 27,000 members the Boho Berry Tribe run by the lovely Kara Benz of Boho Berry is one of the best all round groups for bullet journalists and fans of Kara’s blog. Journalists from many different countries are members.


Design and Creativity

Artsy Bullet Journal Junkies

This group is for Bullet Journalists who like to embellish their Bujos with washi tape, glitter, color, drawings and all things artsy. Join for inspiration from others who post their spreads and pages. With over 7,000 members you’ll never be short of inspiration. 

Minimilast Bullet Journals

This group has over 40,000 members who are seeking inspiration from minimalism. Perfect for those who want to keep their bullet journal simple and functional.

Bullet Journal Spreads

A group of 22,000 members specifically for sharing your bullet journal spreads. Only posts or videos of your spreads are allowed to be posted in order to inspire others. Great for getting some inspiration.

Bullet Journal & Planner Spreads

Another awesome group dedicated to bullet journal spreads with over 13,000 members! A great place to get ideas when you’re starting out.

Bullet Journal in Miniature

A group of over 3,00 members who use smaller size journals like A6 and B6. All styles of notebook are welcome and the group share their mini layouts and give advice to others.

Bullet Journaling Tip and Tricks

12,000 members both old hands and newbies share their tips and tricks for bullet journaling. Ask questions, share tips and get ideas from others.



Country Specific

Bullet Journal Junkies UK

A UK based group for bullet journal junkies with almost 9,000 members. The admins have a location poll which shows you other bullet journalists who are in your area. Perfect for organising meet ups!

UK Bullet Journal Junkies

Another UK based group with over 4,000 members to share tips and advice. The UK sister of the massive Bullet Journal Junkies group.

Australian Bullet Journal Junkies

A group for Australian bullet journalists with more than 2,500 members. Members any stationery finds in Australian shops as well as deals they come across. Its also a place where members share their ideas and layouts.

Bullet Journal // Philippines 

A group for bullet journalists in the Philippines who can share ideas, inspire others and ask for tips and advice. Over 1,000 lovely members from the Philippines.

Bullet Journal – Version français

A french language group with over 30,000 members. For those who use their bullet journal in French and can share their francophone layouts.

Bullet Journal – Nederland

A group of over 11,000 bullet journalists located in the Netherlands and using their bullet journals in Dutch.

Bullet Journal DK

A group for Danish bullet journalists with over 2,500 members. The group is in Danish so great for those who want to use the language in their journal.

Bullet Journal Italia

An Italian bullet journal with over 4,000 members. The group is in Italian and is a place for Italian speakers to share tips, advice and layouts.

Bullet Journal Germany

A German bullet journal group with almost 8,000 German speaking members. A place to share German layouts and also general advice and ideas.

Bullet Journal Norge

A Norwegian group for bullet journalists in Norway with over 1,000 members. They also share a love of stationery notebooks and office supplies.

Bullet Journal BR

A Brazilian group in Portuguese with over 7,000 members. Share ideas, advice and your beautiful Portuguese journals.


Occupation Specific

Teachers who Bullet Journal

Almost 3,000 teachers are members of this group. They share the ways they use the bullet journal system for teaching. From recording grades and data to tracking their professional development.

Teacher Bullet Journal Junkies UK

A group of about 500 teachers, TAS and educational support workers based in the UK to discuss how they use the bullet journal system in their professional and personal lives.

Bullet Journal For Students

A haven for over 11,000 students who make their lives easier with the bullet journal system. Members share study tips, layouts and tricks to inspire others to organise their studies.

Bullet Journal: School Edition

A group dedicated to the bullet journalists still in school, or with children in school or who are teachers. Just over 1,000 members who can offer advice and share spreads.

Bullet Journal Homeschoolers and Parents

Over 3,000 members who use their bullet journal for homeschooling. The group shares ideas and advice for home educators, parents and homeschoolers.

Bullet Journal Moms

A group dedicated to moms who bullet journal. A place for moms to share and inspire how to use the bullet journal system to manage the ‘craziness that comes with motherhood.


Bullet Journal writers

A bullet journal group of over 2,000 dedicated to those who want to incorporate their writing and poetry into their bullet journals.

NaNoWriMo Bullet Journaling

A group dedicated to those amazing people that take part in the NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and track their progress in their bullet journals. Over 3,500 members encourage each other and give advice.

Bullet Journal Junkies – Bibliophiles

A group of almost 2,000 ‘bibliophiles’ who put their passion for reading into their bullet journals. The group is used to discuss reading lists and book suggestions.

Bullet Journaling for Essential Oil Junkies

A group of over 1,300 bullet journalists who also use essential oils. A place to ask for advice, share tips and show your spreads.

Hermione’s Magical Bullet Journal

A group of over 1,000 members who love Harry Potter and like to incorporate Harry Potter themes into their bullet journals. They share their magical spreads in the group and give each other advice.

Bullet Journal for Productivity

This group of almost 4,000 members focusses on using the bullet journal system to improve productivity. The focus of the group is to share layouts that enable them to be productive.



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