British Studygram Accounts to Motivate Your Revision

by | Apr 26, 2019 | Stationery Community, Studying

It’s getting to be peak revision season and by now some of you might be starting to flag. So to help re-motivate you here are some of my favourite British studygram accounts on Instagram.

I’ve kept this list UK specific as I know UK exams are coming up fast. But you can also check out my list of 6 studygrams to motivate you that is not location specific.


I chat with macanstudies a lot on Instagram. She is a lovely girl and has a great account. I’ve even interviewed her already on this blog so check out the interview to find out more about her and her studygram. She’s currently studying biology, chemistry and maths for A level.


A British studygram with a smaller but very active following is @lemonhoneystudytea. She’s also studying for her A levels in Chemistry, Biology, Maths and Music and she’s actually at boarding school! She posts pictures of her beautiful notes and lots of stories showing her studying process.


I have a special type of love for Georgia of milkeestudies who lives in Wales (a fellow Welshie!) She’s an aspiring criminal barrister (woah) who is studying Law, Sociology and Health and Social Care and like me she’s a fan of Silvine products.


Emma’s account is fairly new but what I love about it is that as well as posting pictures of her immaculate notes she posts pictures of her practical work at University too! It gives you a great insight into her course and might motivate you to work hard so you can get to University to do all the fun practical stuff too.


Now onto some GCSE accounts starting with @revisionprovision. Her mind maps are just immaculate I can’t actually get over how perfect they are. Her notes are simple but she adds colour and nice headings to make them pop. Definitely one of the more attainable studygram styles it’s nice to see notes that aren’t overcomplicated by design.


@peachyrevision is in year 9 but she still has lots of study notes to post. Her feed is really clean and bright and she also posts pictures of her bullet journal and study supplies. She’s also posted a really popular Desk Tour which shows you how she’s organised her study supplies.

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Exams are looming in the UK! Here are some of my favourite British studygram accounts on Instagram that can help to motivate you with their perfect notes!


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