The Best Etsy Stationery Shops

by | May 4, 2019 | Etsy, National Stationery Week, Stationery Brands & Shops

It’s day 6 of National Stationery Week (phew!) and today the theme is #stationeryshopsaturday. Rather than shout out all the big guns I’m going to look at some independent smaller sellers specifically from Etsy where lots of great independent shops live. So read on to find the best Etsy stationery shops.

Nikki’s Supply Store

Let’s start with one of my absolute favourites. Nikki’s supply store has loads of gorgeous stationery and bullet journaling supplies. She literally has everything you’d need to start a bullet journal and some great desk pads that she herself has designed just like this one below which I LOVE. Take a look at everything in her shop I promise you’ll find something you want. And with free shipping on UK orders over £30 you can go wild! Find it here.

Nikki's Supply Store is one of my absolute favourite Etsy stationery shops.

The Pensnickety Co

The Pensnickety Co is another UK based shop that focusses on quirky and cute stationery particularly novelty and cute pens! They also have washi tapes and some really cute paperclips. A lot of their stock is very Kawaii and you’re sure to find something that you’ll fall in love with. Take a look at the range here.

Check out this great etsy stationery store for loads of awesome pens.

Karenza Co

This shop is mainly focussed on stationery storage and organisation but I had to include them because I love their clean simple designs AND their products are 100% recycled! They also have some notebooks in their collection but their standout products are definitely their pen pots and my favourite their pencil cases. Find the shop here.

KarenzaCo is one of my favourite Etsy shops, they make recyclable stationery accessories!

Dubu Domo

DubuDomo have a HUGE selection of products on their Etsy shop most of which is stationery related. My favourite thing in the whole collection is definitely this mesh pocket. It just looks so useful for carrying around a journal and extra supplies! Get it here or check out their full range to find your own favourite.

Dubu Domo is an Etsy seller that stocks loads of awesome Asian style stationery.


Scribblet mainly stocks kawaii pieces of stationery just like these cute little Llama rulers! Kerry the owner is a self confessed stationery addict and wants to spread the joy of stationery to others through her Etsy shop. Check out the whole super cute range of products here.

Scribbler on Etsy is a shop full of kawaii stationery that you can swoon over.

Ingenious Ink

Ingenious Ink has lots of really cool notepads that can help you get your life in order. Another British seller they even have sets of their notepads to help you get your life together! Check them out if you need a helping hand to get yourself sorted in style.

Ingenious Ink will help you to get your life together in style. One of the best stationery designers on Etsy.

Rowan Trees Supplies

Rowan Trees Supplies owned by Danielle is a great place to get cool stationery sets, she definitely has one of my favourite Etsy stationery shops. Danielle has also got a great Stationery Subscription Box which I reviewed here. I love her Stationery Mystery Boxes, a perfect gift for someone who loves stationery, as well as individual products. Check out her Etsy shop here and her website to sign up to the box.

Under the Rowan trees is a great online independent stationery shop.

Looking for Washi Tape? Check out my blog post on the best Washi Tape Etsy shops.

Day 6 of National Stationery Week and today we're checking out the best Etsy Stationery Shops to support some of the smaller independent stationery sellers.