Today I’m going to talk about the best notebooks for Bullet Journaling. Bullet Journaling is a method and there isn’t technically a prescribed size or format however the most popular format undeniably is a dotted A5 size journal. There are quite a few options to choose from and in this post I’ll show you the most popular Bullet Journal notebooks.

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Can I use lined or plain paper for a Bullet Journal?

You might already have a beautiful lined or plain journal in your stock of stationery supplies and of course if you’re confident to you can use those for a bullet journal. Grid journals just make it really easy for you to create layouts because the guidelines are already there and it’s faster and easier. If you want to start out testing your bullet journal in a lined journal then by all means go for it.


Leuchtturm has pretty much dominated the bullet journal game up until fairly recently. Ryder Carroll (creator of the Bullet Journal method) even partnered with Leuchtturm to produce an official Bullet Journal Notebook. They’re a good safe bet for someone starting out and there are a lot of colour options. The downside is that they don’t come with a pen loop – you have to buy one separately and stick it in. But aside from that they’re still a great option.

Leuchtturm is definitely one of the most popular choices for first time bullet journalists.

Scribbles that Matter

My current Bullet Journal is a Scribbles that Matter Pro version. I don’t personally love the version with all of the doodles on the front so I opted for the plain cover pro in white with a black elastic and pen loop. Scribbles that Matter fast made a name for themselves in the Bullet Journal community because of the quality of their notebooks and their focus on following feedback from their customer base. The only downsides for me are that the pen loop has started to push the cover away from its backing.

Scribbles that Matter produce great quality journals.


Moleskine are probably one of the most well known brands on this list outside of the Bullet Journal community. I used a Moleskine journal for my travel Bullet Journal as that was the only dot-grid journal I could find at the time I bought it. I liked it but the paper quality really let me down so I wouldn’t recommend Moleskine for a Bullet Journal. They have recently brought out a special Bullet Notebook with better paper quality but it’s currently only available in black.

Moleskine have just come out with a new Bullet Notebook.


Rhodia is another big brand that has got on the Bullet Journal bandwagon. They have a few options when it comes to Bullet Journals but the Goalbook is probably the most popular. The Rhodia paper has a slightly darker cream colour page than a lot of other journals and the dots are a little darker too. Lots of reviews praise the paper for working well with fountain pens. The covers come in a lot of colour options with most of the elastics in the signature Rhodia orange.

Rhodia notebooks are a good option for bullet journalists who want to use fountain pens.
rhodia webnoteboook


Dingbats are the environmentally conscious pick of this list. They are partnered with the World Wildlife Fund and donate 2% of their profits to the cause and their notebooks are degradable and made with vegan and recyclable materials. They’re also just really good notebooks! They open flat, have the usual inner pocket, elastic and bookmarks. You can choose your favourite animal to have on the cover from their Wildlife collection or their Earth collection which is more geared towards Bullet Journaling.

Dingbats are the ethical option in notebooks without compromising quality.

Archer & Olive

Archer & Olive are becoming more and more popular at the moment with the vlogger Amanda Rach Lee using one herself! Their journals have ultra thick 160gsm pages perfect for artistic Bullet journalists wanting to use watercolours and other mediums that wouldn’t work in a more basic journal. The books lay flat and have a gorgeous linen cover with an embossed foil design.

Archer & Olive are fast become a favourite bullet journal notebook!

Archer & Olive also create the incredible BLACKOUT bullet journals which have black pages and look incredible with white and metallic gel pens. There are some incredible beautiful blackout spreads floating around online. These are definitely the journals for the artistic Bullet Journalists who have the money to invest in these gorgeous notebooks. Choose your favourite here.

How to choose a Bullet Journal Notebook

Of course you don’t need to go for one of the big brands of bullet journals. Remember any journal will work if you commit to using it. However there are some things you need to consider when investing in a Bullet Journal.

For example If you’re going to be using watercolours or heavy inks then you’re going to need to think about having ultra thick 160gsm pages. If all you’re using is a gel pen and a few fineliners then you don’t need to invest in thick heavy pages.

Which Bullet Journal Notebooks have you used? Let me know in the comments.

There are a lot of Bullet Journal notebooks to choose from so in this post I'll talk you through some of the most popular options including Leuchtturm, Scribbles that Matter and Archer & Olive.