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Guys, I’m sorry to say that it’s getting to that time again. The sunny weathers starting to fade and the shops are filled with ‘back to school’ offers. But if you want something different to the usual offers in stores why not have a look at what Etsy can offer. Etsy is one of the best places to find unique good quality stationery perfect to make a statement on your return to school. Take a look at our top ten picks for back to school.

Motivational Pencils

First up we’ll start with something to give you a motivational kick up the butt. I’ve already written a whole article about quote pencils but these are some of my favourites. Get this set from Etsy for only £5.99 here and choose your favourite colour or finish.

These motivational pencils are the perfect stationery accessory to kick your butt into gear.

Vintage School Notebooks

I’m a big lover of vintage things especially stationery. It just awakens an amazing feeling of nostalgia. These french notebooks or ‘cahiers’ are a real flashback to school books. Why not use one for vocabulary or to write your study notes in. Get your favourite pastel colour on Etsy here for £5.

There's something so nostalgic about vintage notebooks. Get these beautiful 'cahiers' from Etsy.

Cactus Clipboard

I was lucky to see Not Only Polka Dots at the London Stationery Show and see the great range of products they had on offer. I especially love these cute little clipboards, especially the cactus pattern. Tuck it in your bag and use it to take notes on the go. Get it here for £10.50.

This cactus clipboard from Not Only Polka Dots is adorable and super practical. Check it out on Etsy.

Cat Weekly Planner Pad

Another thing I absolutely love are cats! And yes I wrote a blog post all about cat stationery too. Desk pads are such a useful tool for you to get a good overview of your week. You can leave it on your desk and scribble down anything that needs to be done, or you can pay a little extra to get a magnet on the pad so you can attach it to your fridge. Get your own here from £7.

Desk pads are so handy and this weekly cat pad is so cute and useful. Get it on Etsy.

Academic Planner

Of course you’re going to need a good planner for your school year. But this planner isn’t just for students, teachers and parents can also use it! Quick fact, I taught for a short while and having a good teacher planner was key to being able to plan and execute all my work. It can definitely make a difference for students too. Order yours here.

Both students and teachers can use academic planners to organise their workload.

Palm Leaves Pencil Case

I’m a sucker for anything available in a huge range of patterns. Sometimes you find an Etsy shop like this one, Elena Illustration, that just does something so simple, useful and extremely aesthetically pleasing. This pencil case features the very in print of the moment palm leaves. But there are many more beautiful patterns to choose from. Take a look at all of them here or get my favourite palm leaf pattern for only £12.

I love this palm leaf pencil case. Perfect to go back to school in style.

Bullet Journal Stencil

Bullet Journals are a great way to organise your life but to create them can be a time consuming task. One easy way to save time and make your journal look good is by using a stencil to draw the boxes and banners. Get yours and take a look at the other stencils on offer here on Etsy. 

This is such a useful stencil to create bullet journal spreads neatly and quickly.

Japanese Import Erasers

I love pretty much any Japanese stationery. They just know how to do great quality and beautiful design perfectly. A bit different to the usual eraser this one is covered and stays clean until you rub down to what you need. Get a set on Etsy here for only £3.25. 

I love this vintage eraser from Uniball. Japanese stationery is great quality and very stylish.

Planner Washi Tape

This is one of the most popular washi tapes out there simply because it’s so useful and simple and can be used daily in your journal spreads to save you time when planning your life. I see this roll all over the place including on Etsy where you can get it for just £1.95 each here. 

This is one of the most popular washi tapes out there simply because it's so useful and simple and can be used daily in your journal spreads.

Stabilo Boss Pastel Highlighters

These highlighters are so popular right now. Stabilo have always made great quality highlighters but these pastel tones are just such gorgeous muted colours. Perfect for highlighting your notes to remember key pieces of information. Get the set here for £7.50.

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Get back to school in style with our favourite stationery picks from Etsy.


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