Alternative Mother’s Day Gift: Pencils

Let’s be done with flowers for a mother’s shall we? They might look beautiful to begin with but very quickly they wilt, they make you sneeze and then they die. Let’s not even mention that irritating task of having to arrange them. Snipping off the end of the stems and then awkwardly trying to figure out how all those florists make arrangements look so good!

No I have an alternative Mother’s Day gift suggestion: pencils. Yep you read that right. You will already know I’m a big fan of quote pencils which offer so many personalised possibilities but I’ve discovered a great range of mum themed quote pencils all on Etsy. In this post I’m going to show you the best Mother’s day quote pencils so you can ditch the flowers and get her something useful this year.

For the Superhero Mums

We all know a superhero mum. That one who does it all and still has time for you. Well here is the pencil for her. We are all Wonderwomen but mums are real life superheroes. Get this positive pencil here on Etsy with free shipping to the UK for only £2.50.

A great alternative gift for mother's day let your mum know she's your superhero!

For Your Number One Mum

If your mum is your number one then this is a great pencil to show it. This set of 4 quote pencils available in a range of colours is a great choice at only £5.

To show your mum is number one get her this great pencil set.

For the Fierce Mama Bears

If you have a mama bear in your life you’ll know how fierce she can be. God help anyone who tries to hurt her cubs! Show her how proud you are of her fierceness with this gorgeous pack of 3 Mother Bear pencils for £4.

Alternative mother's day git!

For the Mum That’s Always Right

You might hate to admit when your mum is right but let’s be honest it just means that she is wise and has your back. It might be hard to always take your mums advice and admit she’s right but this pack of pencils can show her that you do appreciate her advice. Get them here for just under £8.

I love these sassy mum pencils. Get them for mother's day to let your mum know she's always right!

For the Cool Mums

If your mum isn’t a regular mum and she’s a cool mum then you need to get these. Bonus points if she’s a fan of Mean Girls! This pack of pretty pink pencils are available in packs of 3, 6 and 8. So if you have a mum prone to losing pencils you can get her plenty. Get them here from £3.15 and up.

This isn't a regular pencil, this is a cool pencil.

And Finally, for New Mums

If you know a brand new mum that needs a bit of pencil positivity in their new life then this is the little selection for you. These pencils are available in a few colour selections including classic blue and pink! Get them here for £12.50. A perfect present for Mother’s Day or to celebrate a new arrival.

A great alternative Mother's Day gift any new mum can use these pencils for all the lists they'll need to make in their new busy life.

Find more Mother’s Day Gifts on Etsy

If you need a little something else to give to the mum in your life as well as an awesome pencil take a look at the Etsy Mother’s Day Editor Picks page to get some ideas.

Sometimes it's nice to get your mum something a bit different on Mother's Day. I've got the perfect alternative Mother's Day gift for you: quote pencils!

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