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Hi, I’m Sarah!

I’m here to help you unlock your productivity boost your creative confidence.

I’ve always been a big stationery fanatic. From primary school when I coveted my smelly gel pens (the theft of which was a huge crime) all the way to University when I went wil with highlighters and post it notes.

It wasn’t until after University that I discovered the phenomenon of Bullet Journaling (it would have been really useful had I discovered it in my stressful final year but there we go) and my stationery addiction only grew.

But this blog isn’t just about my stationery addiction (although it did start out like that) it’s about how we can use stationery and our creativity to boost our productivity and make really cool things happen for ourselves.

Once I gained confidence in my own creativity and style and started to use it to boost my productivity and reach my goals I made a lot more ‘happen’ for me.

Bullet Journaling and planning has helped me do all sorts of exciting things. From starting this blog and working with big stationery brands on projects, to motivating me to do new things like moving to Mexico to teach English!

In my opinion there’s no limit to where our creativity can take us…

The story of the Stationery Magpie Blog

It was 2017. I’d graduated the year before and I’d not long arrived back in the UK from 5 months of backpacking. Total freedom to do my own thing and live my own life. However that all changed when I started teacher training.

I realised pretty quickly that I’d made a mistake. The lifestyle felt so restrctive and I just wanted freedom again! Coupled with some pretty big life changes at the time I decided it was too much and I quit. It was probably the best decision I’ve ever made.

The same day that I handed in my resignation form I had a little seed of an idea. I had been Bullet Journaling for 2 years already and I had made previous attempts at starting blogs. But what if I combined them? What about starting a stationery blog? With the help of my Bullet Journal I did just that.

I chose a name, bought the domain, got sorted out with hosting and created my website pretty much all in one day! It’s definitely not been easy to keep it going but I’ve learned so many skills and managed to create something I can be truly proud of.

Some Proud Moments:

  •  I’ve attended stationery trade shows and got to meet people passionate in the stationery industry.
  • Collaborated with other amazing stationery, calligraphy and productivity bloggers on blog posts and live workshops.
  • I won a 30 under 30 award for my rising role in the stationery industry.
  • I’ve worked with brands on exciting projects and helped Silving to create a template for a product which is sold online and nationwide in Ryman and the Range!
  • I launched a collection of Stationery themed t shirts and tote bags under Good Point Designs!
  • Redsigned my blog and brand myself and built my website through trial and error!
  • Launched a Skillshare course to help people learn basic hand lettering techniques so they can build confidence in their creativity.

And I have a lot more planned!