Hi, I’m Sarah!

I’m here to help you unlock your productivity through creative planning and journaling.

 I’m always looking for the next project. I absolutely love that excitment of being struck with an amazing idea and figuring out how to turn it into an exciting reality.

Of course not all projects got finished and often I’d find myself starting things and then not following through in the long run which was frustrating and unproductive!

But then in 2016 I stumbled across a system that would change my life forever (wow so dramatic)!

Bullet Journaling

 At the time I had just graduated from a law degree, I was back living at home and was in a job without much creativity and with a whole lot of stress and a lot of post-university anxiety (hello mental illness!).

I started with a lot of apprehension. So many things I had started and didn’t carry on with so why would this planning thing be any different? It looked like it would be really time consuming so why did I think I’d be able to get myself to sit down and draw out entire planner pages when I hadn’t even sat down and doodled in years?! I wasn’t sure how it would help and I was doubtful but I wanted to be positive so I convinced myself that it would be worth my time. If anything it was a great excuse to buy more stationery! (I have always been a stationery magpie). 

But to my surprise I fell in love with the process. My bullet journal was very far from perfect but I embraced my imperfection and my learning curve and to my surprise I was hooked. Fast forward four years later and I’m STILL bullet journaling!

But I’m not just bullet journaling. Bullet journaling has helped me to do so many things like saving for a 6 month trip, planning my trip and recording my memories, learning a language, completing a teaching course, moving abroad, learning to be mindful, starting a blog and shifting it into a business etc etc etc. 

I’ve come to the conclusion that this amazing system is what has helped me to become more of a do-er in life. My life is organised, I feel creative every day while I’m using my journal and I have these wonderful notebooks filled with memories to look back on.


Why ‘Stationery Magpie’?

I’ve ALWAYS been a stationery addict. From being super protective over my smelly gel pens in primary school, to guarding my precious fineliners in high school to buying a fresh new set of highlighters at University every exam season. After I finished University I didn’t seem to have much of an excuse to buy stationery anymore! Bullet Journaling was perfect! I could justify my stationery addiction once more!  

Creativity and Productivity

For me stationery is a tool that allow me to create. I might not be creating anything particularly incredible but the therapy of creating is still important. Children are encouraged to draw and colour and craft, why should we stop as adults?!

As well as being a tool of creation I find that I am much more productive with pen on paper. Typing keys on keyboards just doesn’t quite do it for me. I remember in Uni lectures trying to focus enough to type down note but it would never stick as well as when I actually wrote my notes down by hand on a pad of paper. Granted it hurt my hand but it definitely helped my academic performance!

The story of the Stationery Magpie Blog

It was 2017 and I had just given up on my teacher training course. Why? Well I was just recovering from a summer of triple blows. My dad passed away, then my grandmother… oh and while that was happening my mum was having cancer treatment! Safe to say there was just too much on my plate and in my PGCE I felt restricted and trapped into a life I actually didn’t want in the first place. So I quit. 

The same day that I handed in my resignation form I had a little seed of an idea. I had been bullet journaling for 2 years already and I had had previous little attempts at starting blogs but what if I combined them? What about starting a stationery blog? 

Stationery Magpie was born!

I decided on the name, bought the domain, got sorted out with hosting and created my website pretty much all in one day! The design didn’t actually change much at all until my huge rebrand. 

 It’s been a labour of love and so far I’ve done some incredible things with my blog. I’ve attended stationery trade shows and got to meet people passionate in the stationery industry. I won a 30 under 30 award for my rising role in the stationery industry, I’ve worked with brands on posts and projects and even have my name on a product sold in Ryman and the Range nationwide! I know there’s a lot more I can do and a lot more I can do for you my readers to help you plan your dreams too.