About Me

Welcome to Stationery Magpie a blog dedicated to everything stationery, planning and bullet journaling!

Who is Stationery Magpie?

My name is Sarah, I’m a twenty something Brit (but I’m often in another country) who loves coffee cats and of course cute stationery. 

I started this blog in November 2017 after dropping out of a Masters (oops!) I have always loved going into stationery shops and collecting stationery supplies. I often drag the people I’m with into stationery shops to have a ‘quick look’. They often get bored. 

When I found bullet journaling in 2016 I finally had a use for all of the awesome stationery I’d been collecting!

What’s the blog about?

On the blog you’ll find posts related to stationery, stationery stores and shops, subscription boxes and lots of content on bullet journaling and planning where you can put your stack of fabulous stationery supplies to good use. 

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Connect with me!

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