5 Quick Tips for Taking Effective Notes

by | May 2, 2019 | National Stationery Week, Studying

Day 4 of National Stationery Week and today’s theme is #takeanoteday! I struggled for a while to think about what to write but since it’s coming up to exams I thought I would give you my tips on taking notes as it’s something that some people really struggle with. So read on for 5 quick tips to taking effective notes.

Take Notes with Pen and Paper

I definitely feel that anything I write down with pen and paper stays in my head a lot easier than when I tap it into my phone or computer. I think it must be something to do with the act of forming the letters on the page that helps it stay in our mind.

Taking notes is always more effective when done with pen and paper

Use Bullet Points

It sounds simple but it’s one of the best tips I can give you for taking effective notes is to use bullet points. Bullet points break up the points and you can easily move from one idea to the next. If something is important make the bullet point a star or use arrows to create sub bullet points. Organise your work as you’re writing it.

Use Your Own Abbreviations

When I was at University studying law (shudder) I had to write down a lot of notes and of course the same expressions would come up a lot. Abbreviations really helped me not have to write things out fully especially when I knew what it was. You get used to your own abbreviations the more you use them. Obviously just make sure not to put them in any final pieces of work!

Read over Your Notes After You’ve Made Them

If you just write out your notes quickly then don’t look at them again until right before your exam you might be surprised to see that you actually might not understand everything you’ve written! I recommend going over your notes as soon as possible to make sure you actually understand everything you’ve written. If you were writing in a lecture maybe you’ve been rushing and your handwriting might not be legible! So save yourself the agony of trying to figure out what you’ve written by having a quick scan.

Make sure you always read over your notes after you've written them. Find more tips on taking effective notes on my blog.

Add Highlights

Another tip I can give is to use a highlighter to give your notes a pop of colour and highlight (get it?) everything that’s important. You might use a few different colours but I often found that one colour was more effective because it didn’t look too messy and the notes looked appealing and uniform.

Want some inspiration on making beautiful study notes? Click here!

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