Unboxing the February Boho Berry Box

Welcome to our new series where we’ll be reviewing lots of amazing stationery subscription boxes. Stationery subscription boxes are the perfect thing for busy stationery addicts who want to discover new things and receive amazing things every month! Today we’ve reviewed the Boho Berry Box by Kara Benz from Boho Berry.

About the Box

The Boho Berry Box has been created by Kara Benz, one of the bosses of the bullet journal and stationery blogging sphere. The box is very much focussed on the bullet journal system

Kara also includes special unique items from her Etsy shop: Boho Berry Paperie. The box will always include one unique item that won’t appear in her Etsy box and is a subscription box exclusive. The exclusive in this months box was a mandala greeting card.

Price & Shipping

The price of the box was $25 which is roughly equivalent to £18. Kara advertises that the value of the box will always be over $25.

Shipping to the UK came up at $8 which is roughly just under £6 for UK buyers. The box was sent signed for and arrived around a week after I got an email to tell me the box had shipped. It was a little annoying that people got their boxes sooner being in the US but I guess that’s what you get if it comes from the US.

The total price comes to just under £24. It isn’t the cheapest box out there for a UK resident but considering it does come from the US it is still fairly reasonable.

stationery subscription box


So far, from looking at the two boxes released so far the following are generally included.

  • A selection of planner stickers from Boho Berry Paperie.
  • One exclusive item from Boho Berry Paperie.
  • A washi tape.
  • One or more good quality pens.
  • Stationery accessories such as paperclips.

Is the box worth it?

As a one off the box was a joy to receive. I found that most of the items included were useful and things that I would have bought anyway. The box is still in its infancy so we’ll have to see how future boxes go. Hopefully there will be a nice variety with the items and the themes otherwise it may not be worth paying for on a monthly basis.

Get the box here.


Check out our unboxing video here:

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