Stationery Storage Solutions | NSW 2018 Day 5

Day 5 is here! Today we’re celebrating #aplaceforeverything which is sponsored by Santoro London. When you’re a stationery magpie like I am, and I’m sure a lot of you are too, it can get really difficult to organise our vast and growing collections of precious stationery. Therefore we need stationery storage methods that can be simple and adaptable. In this post we look at a few different types of stationery and some of the best ways to store them!


Notebooks are one of those tihngs that you can just accumulate. You might be like my mum who has had a yearly diary every year since the beginning of time. She likes to keep them all and stacks them up at the bottom of a very large bookcase. Of course you can keep them like this but if you have a lot of notebooks for a lot of different purposes then a great way to seperate them is to use magazine files. They’re a great way to separate space in shelves and put different group related things together. I really like this simple black magazine file from Paperchase to keep stuff tidy.

stationery storage



Pens and pencils make up the bulk of my growing stationery collection. I feel like you can only use so many notebooks but there are just so many types of pen, so many colours so many styles. Brush pens, fine liners, gel pens, markers the list just goes on!

If like me you have a big collection of pens that you want to take with you then you’re going to need a pencil case. But ideally a pencil case where you don’t have to empty everything out to find the exact pen you want. My solution to this is to get a pencil case where you can display your pens, when you open it you can see verything you have straight away and pick out what you need. My favourite style of pencil case is a pencil roll. You can slot everything in and it will roll up to a nice to take with you. You can get pencil rolls in loads of patterns or if you’re handy with a sewing machine it’s really easy to make your own! If you’re not quite as crafty you can get the roll below from Etsy here.

a place for everything

Washi Tape

Washi tape can be one of the most difficult things to store. Mine has all been chucked into a box which is currently overflowing. There must be a better way! I’ve seen so many great washi storage ideas all over Pinterest and Facebook. But I have a big collection and whatever storage I use needs to be able to take it. As much as I love tape dispensers for washi they just don’t accommodate enough rolls (but if you use a set selection for a certain month then they could serve you well). For the big guns we needs a big box like this monster below. You can find similar storage solutions in any craft shop or you can get this one online here.

washi tape box


Stickers are another part of my stationery collection that just keeps growing and any storage method I choose seems to just grow out of it straight away. But I stumbled across an amazing idea on one of the many facebook groups I’m a part of (if you want to find some great Facebook groups for fellow stationery lovers click here!). All you do it put your stickers in a book. It can be a folder with plastic wallets, you can slot them into an old photo album or you can glue the pages of stickers in to a scrap book! It’s such a simple idea but it means that you can keep your stickers clean, safe and viewable. You can also find proper sticker binders on Etsy like this one here. You can even get it personalised!

sticker organisation


What’s your favourite stationery storage solution? Let me know in the comments!



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