Paperchase x Philip Normal Collection: My Favourites

Paperchase have recently launched an exciting new collection in collaboration with Philip Normal. If you have no idea who he is, he’s a designer based in Brixton who focusses on pop and queer culture. He designs t-shirts, phone cases and more products but now he’s turned his talents to stationery. This Paperchase x Philip Normal collection is an amazing melange of fluff, glitter, avocados, sassy slogans and rainbows. It’s the perfect range to launch around Pride and celebrate the work of a queer designer. Here are my favourite picks.

Philip Normal has collaborated with Paperchase to produce an amazingly sassy selection of stationery just in time for Pride.

Avocado Pen

This is probably my favourite piece of the whole collection. I am one of those millenials that loves avocado (who doesn’t!?) and this novelty pen ticks all my boxes. Avocado? check. Cute little face? check? Rainbow pit? check! It’s only £3.50 and a great buy for a gift. Get it here for only £3.50.

Love this cute little avocado pen in the Paperchase x Philip Normal collection. So funky and cool you just can

A5 Rainbow Organiser

Stay up to date with your social calendar (and work I guess) with this super sassy rainbow organiser. It’s a ring binder so it means you can refill the cover with another Filofax insert. The slogan on the front is “I’ll Pencil You In Hun” which stands out on the metallic rainbow cover. Get it here to sort out your life in style for £25

I love this colourful organiser by Philip Normal. So fun and useful.

Light Up Pencil Case

This was one of the products (bottom right)  in the collection that instantly made me think, ‘Now that is cool’. A pencil case that lights up!!! And with such a sassy slogan what more could you want. It reminds me of a more adult Smiggle style of hardtop pencil case. If you’re not aware of Smiggle you probably don’t have a lot to do with children around 10. But let me tell you this pencil case is about cheaper and cooler. Get it on its own for £12 or get it as part of a whole set of Philip Normal stationery for £32 including the avocado pen and more from the collection pictured below.

Save some money and pick up a bundle of amazing stationery hun.

Set of 4 Sassy Zip Wallets

Zip wallets are probably one of my new favourite things. I’m one of those people that just ends up with bits of paper and card everywhere. Recently I figured out that the one zip wallet I own is perfect for keeping the masses of stickers I own! I’m a huge fan of the sassy slogans on this set of 4 wallets. In particular ‘Yaaaas Stationery Kween’ and ‘Your Pen Is Huge’. I know I’m a child but that is hilarious!!! Get it for only £8.50 to inject a little fun and humour in to your day.

Zip wallets are so useful for storing papers and stickers, these by Paperchase x Philip Normal are sassy and fun to inject some humour into your day!

Furry Ringbinder

Can you imagine how amazingly tactile this thing is? What better way to soothe your study woes than have a little stroke of your fluffy ring binder? At only £8 it’s a steal! and it comes in a beautiful rainbow of pastel hues. Get it here.

I'm in love with this outrageous fluffy ringbinder. Guaranteed to make your work more fun.

Sassy Slogan Pencils

You guys know how much I love quote pencils (I already wrote a whole blog post about them) but these are so sassy and fabulous I just can’t resist. They even come in a fluffy display box! Whats not to love hun? Get them here for only £6.

These sassy slogan by Philip Normal and Paperchase are a perfect gift for the sassy sister in your life.

Check out the rest of the collection here and find some new sassy stationery!






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