Luxury Stationery #SignatureSunday | NSW 2018 Day 7

We did it! Day 7 of National Stationery Week! This has been such a busy week and as I said yesterday we’ve got a lot of exciting stuff planned. Make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter, we’re going to be working with some new and exciting stationery brands to bring you great reviews and hopefully some exciting giveaways!

Today’s theme is #signaturesunday and its sponsored by AT Cross the high quality pen brand. Cross was America’s first manufacturer of quality writing instruments and their products remain largely unchanged in the way they’re made. I’m not hugely into luxury stationery but its an area where I want to improve my knowledge. There are so many amazing resources and blogs out there that focus on a lot of these products so today I’m going to quickly introduce you to a few signature items if you want a little luxury stationery in your life.


In my lovely box full of stationery surprises I received from the National Stationery Week team was the Bailey Black Laquer Ball Point pen by Cross. I’ve never really gone for luxury pens like this but I was really pleasantly surprised. The pen has a beautiful weight to it and the ink writes really smoothly. They also included a gorgeous red leather pouch which actually matches my purse perfectly! Now that I’m starting a business I want to feel a bit more professional. If I have a god quality pen in my hand while I’m taking notes then it instantly makes me feel more sophisticated and lifts up my confidence.

signature stationery

Fountain Pens

Fountain pens are another gateway to the luxury stationery world. Some of the reasons people love fountain pens so much is because as well as their status as a luxury instrument they write very smoothly and can improve your handwriting. As I’m not writing this for the luxury stationery aficionados I’m going to mention the two fountain pens that people often cite for beginners. They are the LAMY Safari and the Pilot Metropolitan. Watch this video if you need help deciding which one to go for.  I personally have the LAMY Safari, which I do like but I feel like I need more practice with it.

luxury stationery


Bottled Ink

Once you get into the world of fountain pens you’re also likely to get sucked into the world of ink! If you have a good pen you don’t want to let your pen down by using sub standard ink. One ink brand thats UK made and has been around since 1864 is Diamine. They have an amazing range of colours and their bottles and labels are beautiful and classy. But there are so many inks to choose from. If you want to get lost in an expensive new hobby then fountain pens and inks could be for you!

signature stationery



If you have a good quality pen and ink then you’re going to need to pair them with a good quality notebook that can take that kind of ink. A lot of us love Leuchtturm and Moleskine but Rhodia push ahead with paper quality. Their paper is a little more yellowy but the quality is the best. Their entire range is fountain pen friendly but also incredible affordable. Another brand with an entire range of fountain pen friendly paper is Clairefontaine a french brand that is the only brand that still produces its own paper.

luxury notebook


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