A World of Stationery at the London Stationery Show 2018

It’s Day 3 of National Stationery Week and today we’re celebrating World Stationery Day as well! It ALSO happens to be the second day of the London Stationery Show 2018! This sure is a very stationery heavy day. Well we were lucky to get to visit the show for a short while and here is a quick little whip round the world in stationery all at the London Stationery show! I’ve chosen both big and small brands but most importantly they’re all brands that got me really excited about the world of stationery! Remember to post with the #aworldofstationery and read the rest of our post about this amazing week here.

The Netherlands – Royal Talens

Royal Talens have most recently brought out their Ecoline Brush Pens! Brush pens are huge at the moment but the coolest thing about these pens is that you acn actually refill them with bottles of ink! Such a great idea and of course a lot more eco friendly. The ink is super pigmented and concentrated so you get a really amazing colour. I had a go with a freebie and even I (the worst brush letterer in the world) can actually create something that looks like a decent brush lettered word! If you want to try them yourself then you can get a basic pack of ten to start with here.

london stationery brush pen

Kaweco – Germany

I’ve really been wanting to get more into fountain pens recently. There’s something so sophisticated about them but I’be just not quite got into that rabbit hole of the fountain pen world. I already have enough to write about without adding the complicated world of fountain pens! But when I visited the Kaweco stall I actually got to make my own Kaweco Sport fountain pen. I was sold. The ink flowed so smoothly and the pen just feels lovely. I’m so excited to get to grips with my new pen. I already feel so attached to it because I got to construct it myself!

london stationery show

United Kingdom – Silvine

Silvine is a UK based company that has been going since 1837!!! They produce great quality notebooks and paper products and they have recently come out with their Indie collection that celebrates the classic Silvine notebook. It’s a beautiful vintage notebook that has great quality paper. They come in a range of sizes and a few different classic colours. My favourite was the tiny pocket notebook!

stationery week make a note

Portugal – FA VO

This is one of the few companies that are really pushing an environmental concept. Fa Vo  company are actually making notebooks that are fully recycled from waste products, no trees! They have four notebooks with four different colours to choose from, coffee, almond, vanilla and olive! They contain high quality paper and offer three options for page style including dotted!

eco notebooks

USA – Carpe Diem Planners

I dipped into the world of planners and found myself at the Carpe Diem stall which was like a haven for planner geeks. They had a great range of planners, inserts and accessories like stickers and tapes! They have a great new range of travellers notebooks covers in really beautiful clean designs and a selection of good quality inserts including daily, weekly and monthly notebooks as well as blank with a range of paper styles.

stationery show london

Australia – Kaiser Style

Kaiser Style is an Australian stationery brand that produces shedloads of awesome stationery ranges! They have so many gorgeous collections it’s crazy! I especially love their amazing stickers books! They each contain about 1000 stickers all designed around around one aesthetic but you can get them in lots of different collections. Great if you’re a sticker freak like me.

pretty stationery

Japan – Pentel

Almost everyone has heard of the great Japenese pen brand Pentel. I’m already a big plan of Pentel Energel black gel pens that I use as a day to day pen in my bullet journal. I had no idea that they produce the Energel in a whole range of colours. But that wasn’t even the best part. Pentel have produced by far my favourite product of the show the Hybrid Dual Metallic gel pens. Imagine the starry night sky and then put that into the smoothest ink I have ever written with, the effect is absolutely stunning. These are 100% going to be the next big thing in the pen world. I’ve fallen in love with them. Stay tuned for more on these I’ll be writing more about them soon!

world of stationery

Barcelona – NUKKIAS

Nukkias is a company from Barcelona that create paper products with a real feel for the colours and vibrance of the city. They have a collection of really nicely designed notebooks by illustrators from Barcelona. They’ve also produced the adorable Baby Planner! It’s a nice sized notebook with a cute cover and space to record all the feeds, poops and pees your baby does! A great idea and a really cute design.

stationery day


What are your favourite stationery brands from around the world?







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