Instagram Stationery Giveaways | May 2018 |

After the success of last months Instagram giveaway post we’ve done it again and here is yet another chance for you to find the best instagram stationery giveaways for the month of May!

Here’s how it works:

  • We list instagram giveaways in order of closing date (we update this post during the month if we spot new giveaways closing in May).
  • You need to click through to each post and enter according to each giveaway’s rules.
  • We aren’t reimbursed in any way to promote any of these giveaways we do it because we love you and we want to give you the chance to get your hands on some cool stationery!
  • If you appreciate us doing this post please share to your friends!


BONUS: Our Giveaway!

You can win a set of 20 Stabilo Point 33 fineliners as well as some extra colourful stationery goodies. All you need to do is head over to our instagram, like the post, follow us and tag a friend who also might want to enter! The giveaway ends on the 10th of May and is open internationally. Good luck <3




A post shared by han (@legallystudies) on

Open to: International

Closing date: 11th May

Prizes: Two winners, one pack of mildliners each.


Open to: International

Closing date: 12th May

Prizes: A Rhodia webnotebook, 2 Palomini Blackwing pencils, a bunch of washi tapes, moon painting.


Open to: International

Closing date: 15th May

Prizes: A Set of Brushpens, a Pack of Mildliners, a Set of Washitapes.


@mybulletjournaljoy & @danishbujo

A post shared by Joy (@mybulletjournaljoy) on

Open to: International

Closing date: 15th May

Prizes: Leuchtturm1917 Copper, pack of stabilo pastel highlighters, pencil case with high quality artist fineliners.

@bujowmin – Mildliner Giveaway

A post shared by GIVEAWAY !! (@bujowmin) on

Open to: International

Closing date: 20th May

Prizes: Blue or Pink pack of Zebra Mildliners

@serenitystudy 10k Giveaway

Open to: International

Closing date: When reaches 12k (at the time of writing the account is on 11.4k, hurry!)

Prizes: a to dolist in a book, a $20 gift card for stickers @paperkumaco, a rhodia dotted webnotebook, and a supaclip


@bloomylines – 1st anniversary giveaway (it’s a big one!)

Open to: International

Closing date: May 31st

Prizes: Daichii A5 notebook, macaron thin washi tape set, tsum tsum glossy sticker sheet, tsum tsum sticker flakes, sumikko gurashi sticker sheet, milk carton pencil case, 2 x mildliners, pilot juice pen, tombow abt, watercolor geometry sticky notes, sea themed sticky notes, a personalized handmade watercolor card, summer themed sticker sheet. Consolation Prizes for 1 winner : Stabilo Boss Pastel set and random washi samples!

@flower_studies – first giveaway

Open to: International

Closing date: June 16th

Prizes: –  FIRST PLACE: Stray Kids I am NOT album, poster, wooly Bear notebook (blank pages), small notebook, food, exercise and sleep log book, your choice of suga, V or jungkook cartoon acrylic standee, 3 random sticker sets (1 BTS), random set of 6 sticker sheets, 4 memo pads, 20 random unofficial photocards (BTS, EXO or SVT), washi samples, random set of origami paper
SECOND AND THIRD PLACE: 2 random sticker sets (1 BTS), random small notebook, 10 random unofficial photocards (BTS, EXO or SVT), 2 memo pads, random sticker sheet from daiso, random set of origami paper, washi samples

Have you seen any great Instagram giveaways? Let us know in the comments!

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