My Favourite Fun Stationery | NSW Day 4

It’s Day 4 of National Stationery Week! Today the theme is #workhappy and its sponsored by the super funky brand Mustard. I was lucky to receive a great box full of stationery from all the sponsors and my favourite item in the box was Mustard’s T Rex Highlighter. Yes you did read that right. A highlighter… shaped like a T Rex! How cool is that?!

So today to celebrate this theme I’m going to go through some of my personal favourite novelty and fun stationery items. Read on to find items that can make your workplace a happier place!

Flamingo Pen

I already really loved this pen thats designed to look like a cute little flamingo but when I saw it could hang off stuff I loved it even more! This fabulous flamingo pen is also made by Mustard and you can find it on amazon here. Let your new BBF (best bird friend) be your new desk buddy.

fun stationery


Dino Memo Holder

I’m not going to lie I got a little too excited when I found this. Perhaps not the most useful item of stationery in the world but I make a lot of random notes at work that end up strewn all over my desk! Nightmare. Especially when I suddenly need to find something and its buried under a mountain of junk. I feel like this dinosaur could solve all my problems and hold my important notes for me, if you think it could help you too get it here!

fun stationery


Cactus Desk Pot

This desk pot is not just a desk pot, it is in actual fact a desk organiser. As well as a pen holder it has two arms! One is magnetic and it can hold your paperclips and the other can be used to hold elastic bands! Didn’t you know that cactii are the perfect desk friends? At least this one won’t spike you! Get it here.

fun stationery

Sausage Dog Eraser

There are a lot of novelty erasers around. Almost any object can be made into an eraser, food, animals and loads more. But this is one of my favourites. It’s simple, functional and eye catching. Who wouldn’t want a little dog buddy for their desk? You can get your desk’s new best friend from Paperchase here.

novelty eraser

Mustard T Rex Highlighter

And of course last but not least is my beloved T Rex Highlighter. Look how fabulous, how funky how fun! I take my T Rex highlighter with me to work and have it sat on my desk all the time being awesome. When I need to highlight something my T Rex is right there for me. It definitely injects some fun into my day and people always comment on how cool it is.Check it out and get your own here!

fun stationery

Whats your favourite item of fun stationery? Let me know in the comments!

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