Stationery & Craft | NSW Day 6 #GetCrafty

Day 6 of National Stationery Week and today’s theme is #getcrafty! I can’t believe NSW is nearly over there’s only one more day left of stationery celebration! But don’t worry we’ve got lots of really exciting stuff planned in the next few months including lots of giveaways! For now though lets delve into the craft side of the stationery world.

My obsession with stationery was really rekindled by my beginning a bullet journal. Now I have an impressive collection of pens, tapes, stickers and stamps. Of course I don’t always get to use it all every day but they are all very useful particularly if I want to start a craft project. One recent example was a mini scrapbook I made for my mum’s birthday. The great thing was I already had nearly all of the supplies! Today we’re going to look at a lot of the craftier items of stationery and the ways you can use them for your own craft projects.

Washi Tapes

The great thing about washi and masking tapes is that the patterns are so versatile. Any pattern can go on a washi tape. You can make it holographic, metallic or glittery. You can have wide or thin tape. The options are endless. Because you have it in a roll of tape it’s actually really easy to adapt it to different needs. Of course you can just use it as tape to stick stuff in to a journal or as a decorative accent. One of my favourite ways to use washi is as a decoration on wrapped gifts. I used Christmas themed tape for quite a few gifts last christmas! There are so many creative ways to use washi tape. One good way to get a good selection of washi tapes you can use is to order a set of samples. That means you can try lots of patterns and then order a full size roll if you like one!

craft tape



The stickers I’m talking about are a far cry from the cheap kiddie stickers we all used to love. Now you can get proper ‘adult’ stickers to decorate your notebooks, journals, scrapbooks and and other craft projects! Stickers are relatively cheap and you can get a whole range of designs. There are absolutely loads on Etsy by creative artists. You could even make your own!


Ink Stamps

Ink stamps are another really versatile piece of stationery kit. It may take you a little while to build up a collection of good quality stamps but if you choose well you can use different ink colours to produce different effects. You can use stamps to decorate plain notebooks, cards and gift tags! You can even use them for decorating pieces of furniture. The options are endless. Plus you can even make your own stamps! You can order personalised stamps from Etsy or like my mother suggests you can carve a potato into a pattern!!!

craft stationery


Artist Pens

One area of stationery I’ve got more into is good quality artist level pens. I’ve always loved fine liners but now I appreciate professional quality fine liners that have archival ink and won’t fade or bleed. Once you’ve invested in quality writing tools you can of course use them for loads of projects. I used my Staedtler pigment fine liners to draw a pattern on the mount in a framed picture of my parents for for their anniversary. Brush pens are also really popular for hand lettering and if you’re confident using them you can easily create stylish cards.

london stationery brush pen


Adhesive Tape

If you need to stick pictures in to a scrap book or journal then you’re going to need glue that won’t get lumpy or get your image wet. Adhesive tape is a great option for this. It will give you a thin layer of glue and you can control exactly where you need it to go. This set of adhesive tapes from amazon have 5 star reviews. You can also use them to give envelopes a bit of extra stick and for wrapping gifts without the need for sellotape!

stationery and crafts

What’s your favourite craft tool in your¬†stationery¬†collection? Let me know in the comments!






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