The Cutest Corgi Stationery Ever

First it was the Pugs, then the French Bulldogs, now the Corgi seems to be taking over as a design. Giftware and stationery featuring cute little corgis with their cute little butts seems to be popping up everywhere. So here is a list of the cutest corgi stationery we can find on the internet. Enjoy these little beauties with their fluffy little butts.

Corgi Butt Journal – Danny B Studios

One of the best things about corgis are there cute fluffy little butts. Did I already mention fluffy corgi butts? Yes, but with good reason. They are SO CUTE and FLUFFY. Despite being a painting of a butt this is still a very sophisticated and classy watercolour design. The notebook itself is available in two sizes and in a variety of paper options; lined, grid, bullet and plain. Get it here from £14.49.

corgi stationery


Corgi Washi Tape – Mery Keem

The second best thing about Corgis are there gorgeous big ears! A close second the the fluffy butt. This washi tape with peeking Welsh Corgis perfectly showcases their fabulous big ears. A great choice in corgi stationery if you want to create a themed journal spread. Get it here for only £1.81!

best corgi stationery

Corgi Academic Planner Aug 2018-Jul 2019 – Mossery Co

This academic planner is probably my favourite item on the list. Not only does it feature classy little corgis with bow ties on the cover but it can be personalised and the contents is so well laid out! There’s a section for your personal goals, inspirations and values then a section of dotted ‘bullet journal style’ paper. Then it features a yearly and monthly planner, and finally a weekly planner with a selection of inspirational quotes. Everything the corgi obsessed planner enthusiast needs! Get it here for £20.66.

corgi stationery notebook

Little Baby Corgi Stickers – Kawaii Pen Shop (get 10% off!)

These little baby corgi stickers are the epitome of cute. Kawaii Pen Shop is full of cute stationery exactly like these stickers and you can get 10% off with the code MAGPIE10 at the checkout. You can use these stickers to decorate your planners, notebooks and other personal items. Get them here £6 and remember to use the code to get 10% off!

corgi stationery

Corgi Sticky Notes

Another of my favourite items, these corgi sticky notes are super classy and cute. They show the corgi as a sophisticated animal with a friendly face ready to keep all your important notes safe. You can also get a few other dog breeds but lets be honest, these corgi ones are probably the cutest. Get them here (and check out the other breeds of sticky notes) for £2.54.

corgi stationery

So there we have it, our favourite corgi stationery all in a neat little list of the best. Do you love corgis? Or would you prefer another breed to theme your stationery? Let us know in the comments.

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