Cactus Stationery Too Cute To Resist

If, like me, you’re a sucker for looking at bullet journal spreads and doodlers on instagram you’ll notice that there’s a new trend in themes: cacti and succulents! In my opinion, part of the reason that it’s taken off in such a big way is that cacti and succulents are super easy to draw, virtually anyone can do it. But even if you are a bit stuck for ideas on how to start there are resources out there that can help you master the doodle. Take the popular book from Peggy Dean who produced a second Botanical Line Drawing guide on how to draw cacti and succulents step by step. You can get it here from amazon.

Stickers & Sticky Notes

If you don’t have time to doodle then why not invest in some cacti stickers. You can use these on virtually anything to customise it with your new cacti obsession or you can use them in your journal to fill in blank space. If you’re looking for some cute doodle style stickers what about these stickers from Paperchase for only £1! Or if you want something a little more sophisticated check out these Succulent Clip Art stickers from Kawaii Pen Shop.

cactus stickers

If you need some cute sticky notes then what about these cactus love sticky notes also from Etsy.  kawaii pen shop


There are also plenty of cactus themed accessories available. Take these pencil cases from Kawaii Pen Shop available in 3 awesome designs. Or you can get a rose gold cactus style bulldog clip from Etsy for only £1.30!pencil case cactus

Washi Tapes

We couldn’t go through this post without mentioning some of the amazing cactus and plant themed washi tapes on offer. These 3 beautifully designed cactus washi tapes are on sale on Etsy. You can pick your design or get all 3 as a set.

kawaii washi

Notebooks & Memos

cactus stationery’m absolutely obsessed with this cactus notebook that you can have personalised! I mean it can’t be a coincidence that my name is on one of the sample pictures right? Obviously I’m just meant to buy it, and you can get it here from Etsy.  I also love these little cactus memo pads from Etsy which are perfect for taking quick notes!

cactus stationeryPens

Last but not least here are some adorable gel ink pens topped with mini cacti. I have actually already bought these and they’re on my way to me in the post! I’m super excited for them to arrive to make my days at work more fun. If you want to make an even bigger statement with your cactus pen then why not check out this crazy novelty cactus pens from Paperchase.

cactus stationery

Do you have any cactus stationery?

Let us know in the comments if you’re lucky enough to have some super cute cactus stationery in your collection. Which piece if your favourite in this post or have you found your own favourite? Send us a link! We’d also love to see any cactus themed bullet journal spreads you’ve designed!

Remember if you buy anything from Kawaii Pen Shop use our discount code to get 10% off!



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