Bullet Journaling: How Can It Work For You?

The beauty of the bullet journal system is that it is, by nature, extremely adaptable. The whole concept is that it’s a system designed by you, for your life. Those of you that are just starting out on your bullet journal journey may want some ideas as to how a bullet journal can work in many different areas of your life. This article will show you how a bullet journal can function for you.

As a Diary

In its most basic form the bullet journal is a replacement for a basic diary.┬áThe beauty of course is that you don’t have to choose between week-to-view day-to-view or what have you. If you have a slow week, just go for a brief week overview. If you need more in depth you can go for days that take up more space with more room for all your notes.


As a To Do List

Bullet journaling is based on bullet points. What works well in bullet points? To do lists! Lots of people rely on their bullet journals for productivity and keeping them accountable means lots and lots of to do lists. The potential with lists doesn’t end there either. Lots of bullet journalists implement a listography into their journals. For example they list books they want to read, or places they want to visit. If you want to write a list just dedicate a page to it.

As a Journal

Your bullet journal can also be a lot more personal. Rather than keep a separate journal you can simply incorporate this into your bullet journal. If you write a detailed daily diary of your innermost thoughts and feelings then maybe incorporating it into your journal would take up too much space. But for example if you have a special weekend or a trip away then you can dedicate a couple of pages to some personal memories.

bullet journal mood tracker

A Progress Tracker

There are no limits to what your bullet journal can track. Got a book you’re reading? Track how much you’ve read. Training for a marathon? Track your running. The bullet journal system is designed to make you more productive so tracking progress is a great addition to your journal.

A Creative Outlet

Of course one of the features that a lot of people love about the bullet journal is the potential to inject your creativity into it. It can be as simple as a few doodles around your daily pages or a whole page dedicated to a drawing. One way people incorporate creativity into their is by using Mood Mandalas or creative mood trackers. The possibilities are endless.

And more…

Of course there are so many more ways that a bullet journal can be used. If you can think of something new then it exists. Why not share some of your most interesting spreads and pages in the comments section, we’d love to hear what you’ve all created.



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