Get Your Bujo Back To School Ready

Most of us will have just started back at school or you will be preparing for it. You might be wondering how your bullet journal can help you get organised. Well in this post I’ll show you some ideas for getting your bujo back to school ready.

Semester/Term Overview

A semester overview is a great tool to help you to organise your time while studying. Love this example by @b.studies

Its always useful to have an overview of your year in your journal. That means that even if you haven’t had time to create a spread for something you have a place you can jot down the date. I think it also helps you stay on track and make sure that you’re not falling behind as you can see at a glance when deadlines and exams are coming up so they hopefully won’t take you by surprise! We all know how fast time seems to pass when you have stuff to do. 


This spread by @studyingcbse is a perfect example of using a timetable in your bullet journal.

Depending on whether your classes change each term you may need to create additional ones throughout the year. But an at-a-glance timetable is a great way to help you organise your week. You can see where you have space in your day and it will help you to create your study routine. You can even colour code the different classes to make it extra visually appealing. 

Master To Do List

This giant to do list by @cindywildflowers is a really great example of using a master to do list or brain dump to help you start getting organised.

A master to do list or a ‘brain dump’ is a great page just to have in your journal for anything that needs doing. It’s the place where any and every to do can be dumped. Its one of my favourite ways to start getting organised. Once everything is written down somewhere I can break it up into smaller chunks on different spreads.

Study Tracker

Love this study tracker by @focusign. A great way to keep you accountable when studying.

A bit like a habit tracker if you have to work through a specific topic you can create a tool to help keep you accountable. Some people also time themselves with apps like ATracker to record how many hours a day they are studying. With that information you can create a graph or a tracker to show yourself how much work you’re doing and keep yourself accountable.

Results Tracker

This is a great simple grades tracker that tracks score and grade. This can show you your study progress at a glance and help you reach your goals.

Of course results are important so you might also want to include a grade or a results tracker. It can be a simple table with the names of the exams/coursework/test and then your scores. You might also want to include a section on steps you can take to improve your grades next time so you can add this to your plan of action. 

How do you use your Bullet Journal for school?

How can your bullet journal help you get organised for school? In this post I'l share some useful ways you can use your Bujo to get back to school ready.

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