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Bullet journaling has become so popular and our Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook feeds have beautiful spreads and pages popping up all over the place. There’s a lot of discussion particularly over supplies in particular the best quality, which can often be expensive.

But bullet journaling doesn’t have to be really pricey. The point of the system is to make it work for you and all you technically need is a notebook and a pen to start your own. But for a lot of us the artistic element in the bullet journal is really important and you might need a few supplies to help you truly express yourself in your journal.

original bullet journal

In this post we show you our favourite budget bullet journal supplies that are still great quality. The total price for all these items is around £20 which is more than enough to get a nice range of products for you to start your bullet journal.


The notebook is the one thing that you should consider spending more on. If your notebook is cheap and the paper quality bad then your pens won’t write as well. However if you have good quality paper you can get away with using cheaper pens. The expensive option for many people is the Leuchtturm1917. Our budget choice, although it’s still a great quality bullet journal, is the Lemome. You can get an A5 dotted journal on sale at the moment. I actually really love their grey dream tree cover though which is only £8.99 down from £13.99 and has some very positive reviews on amazon.

lemome notebook

A Black Pen

The next most important thing for your bullet journal is a pen. Of course you can definitely use a biro or whatever pen you want. But many bullet journalists choose to use a black gel pen for the day to day of their bullet journal. Black is a clean colour and gel writes beautifully. My luxury choice is my Pentel Energel but if you’re on a budget the PaperMate medium gel pen will do a great job for only £1.44.

black gel pen bujo

Brush Pens/Felt Pens

Brush pens are a really popular tool in the bullet journal community particularly for writing beautiful titles for your spreads. However brush lettering is a skill that has to be learnt and you have to have expensive tools for that right? Wrong. They might be marketed towards kids but Crayola Super Tips are actually a really great pen for the beginner brush letterer! Check out this image below to see what I mean. They’re not the most durable and if you practice brush lettering a lot with the pressure required the tip might suffer but they can still be used as a good quality felt pen. The colours are vibrant and they don’t bleed through the page! You can get a starter pack of 12 for only £2.50! I also often see them at reduced prices in my local supermarket so take a look!

brush lettering
Picture by carynalivingston.wordpress.com


Fineliners are another staple in the bullet journalists tool box. The two main brands are Stabilo and Staedtler, both great quality but if they aren’t on sale they can be pricey. Keep an eye out in bargain shops like B&M or even W H Smith because I’ve seen some very good deals on fineliners in those places. If you can’t catch them though then you can get this pack from amazon for only £2.89! There are some really good reviews for them that compare the quality to more well known brands but at a big discount!

budget bullet journal supplies

Washi Tape

Washi tape is another really popular tool for bullet journalists. Arguably it’s not essential and sometimes even when I use it I don’t know if it always adds a lot to my spreads. But it does have practical uses like marking important pages which I’ve used a few times in my journal. One of the best ways to get your hands on washi tape for a discount is to buy samples. I rarely use the same washi tape so much that I run out of a whole roll. Samples are a much more economical way to get your hands on washi tape you love! Basically someone will just take some off their roll and put it on a piece of plastic. You can get a bigger range of designs for a low price. This Etsy shop has a really good selection of washi samples that are only a couple of pounds at the most. Or if you really want to go into an Etsy washi hole check out my post on the Best Washi Etsy Stores.

Washi tape sample sets are a great way to save money and bujo on a budget.
Want to start a bullet journal but don't have the funds? It doesn't have to be expensive. Check out our list of budget bullet journal supplies to start your bujo for under £20.

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