Boho Berry Box: March Review & Why I Have to Cancel

This is the second boho berry box that I’ve received. If you want to know more about the box and check out my February review and unboxing video then click here. I won’t go into a lot of the basic information about the box and how it works, but essentially this is a stationery/planner subscription box created by Kara Benz of the successful Boho Berry blog and YouTube channel. In this post we’ll go through the contents of the box and I’ll talk a little bit about my opinion and why I’ve taken the decision to cancel my subscription plan.

boho berry paperie

Theme & Contents

The theme for this month was ‘rainbow’ which I assume has something to do with March and St Patricks Day. Kara sent an email out with a sneak peek of the box but I was careful not to look. I feel that the point of the box is to be surprised with the contents so I was very well behaved and patiently waited for my box, even though it was late due to the crazy British weather!

The contents was as follows:

Boho Berry Paperie Products:

  • March tracker
  • March header & To-Do stickers
  • ‘Lucky You’ colouring in page sticker (exclusive)

planner gifts

Other products:

  • MoxieDori Compass Protractor
  • ‘Goal Digger’ pencils (x2) (exclusive)
  • Blue/Gold washi tape
  • Rainbow PenGem

My Opinion

My favourite items were the Moxiedori compass protractor, which I believe will come in very handy for future mood trackers and mandalas. You can see an example of how you can use it below. I actually felt like that was the one thing in the box that I would have gone out of my way to buy. I’m really excited to use that when creating future spreads. You can get your own Compass Protractor here. I also liked the quote pencils and the washi tape, especially the colour blue that Kara chose.

compass template

The things I didn’t really rate in the box were the PenGem, which personally I feel looks kind of gaudy and tacky. It’s really not the kind of colours I would have picked and the rainbow gems made it feel a bit childish to me. The pen was also just a biro style ink which I never really use in my bullet journal. In past boxes Kara has included Tombow, Koi and Sakura pens which are all high quality much higher quality brands recognised and used by many in the bullet journal community.

I also personally felt a little bit indifferent to the colouring sticker. It’s very much personal preference but it’s not really the kind of thing I would put into my bullet journal. The sampler stickers and habit tracker were good but I did notice they were exactly the same style as February. Perhaps that was purposeful in order to have some consistency but I would have enjoyed some variety.

boho berry paperie

Why I’m Cancelling my Boho Berry Box

Unfortunately I’ve decided that I’m going to have to cancel the box. I think it’s nearly impossible for Kara to make it tailored to every person thats going to order it, it’s just inevitably going to be more to some peoples tastes than others. I did really like the February box but after March I just don’t feel like its worth me continuing with my subscription. Aside from the fact that money has been really tight for me at the moment I find that the following reasons kind of justify why I’m cancelling:

I want to use my limited funds to try out other subscription boxes

Subscription boxes are one of the new big things at the moment. There are loads of new and exciting stationery and planner boxes popping up that I’m desperate to try! Aside from the fact that I can’t afford to be subscribed to 10+ monthly stationery boxes I simply don’t have the space to keep all the things that will come in the boxes! I mean, I love stationery but there are only so many washi tapes I really need right now! (I know it’s blasphemy, but I’m having a storage crisis).

mood tracker printable

Shipping takes a long time

It’s not surprising really that shipping takes a while, I mean it comes from the USA! But I just find that it comes a little later than I’d like. This month particularly, my box arrived a few days into March which is too late if you want to use the stickers to set up your month using the box contents.

One way I feel that Kara might be able to improve on this is to send the international boxes a few days earlier than the US boxes. I just kind of feel that by the time my box has arrived the hype for the month’s box has faded. Add to that that I want to make unboxing videos, by the time I can make one there are already loads on YouTube and I’ve lost my chance. I know that Kara is looking at improving the shipping policies so hopefully some of these issues are ironed out.

The contents isn’t useful to me right now

As I mentioned before it’s almost impossible for the box to suit everyone perfectly. Kara is doing a great job and is including a lot of exclusive boho berry paperie products in the boxes. That’s great if you like to use stickers and printables but at the moment I’m more into a simpler pen and marker approach with my bullet journal. I already have a huge (and growing) collection of stickers that I just don’t really need to add to right now!

planner gifts


Overall I do still really like the Boho Berry box, but as explained above there are a few reasons that mean I’m just going to have to take a break from it right now. I do really believe that once I can afford it, both financially and spatially, that I will be able to resubscribe. I know Kara is doing a lot of hard work to make the Boho Berry Box the best it can possible be! If you want to find out more about the box then click here, and if you want to try it for yourself then click here!








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